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This is for all you Indies who might be looking for a value-added Email provider.

A few weeks ago I ran across an ad on Facebook extolling the virtues of a new email provider. The promise was that I could save 40% on my MailChimp fees. I almost didn’t click on it, but then I thought, I wonder… So I clicked and was taken to an article written by one Michael Maxwell, an Indie author like myself.

Michael had been using the service for a couple of months when I found his article and seemed to be really pleased with it. I could give you a breakdown of what he had to say, but why bother when I can show you the article: click here to read it for yourself.

So, I took the plunge, paid my $1 and was rewarded by a phone call from Josh, one of the owners. Unusual? Oh yeah, but after listening to what he had to say, it all made sense. He wanted to know what he was getting into, just like I did. So I listened to what he had to say and then went ahead and uploaded my email list.

Now, here’s the best bit: Josh and his partner, Corey. Made the whole process so easy. They did ALL the work. They built my lead pages, went into my website and redirected all of my MailChimp links to those lead pages, and a whole lot more. Amazing.

The final bonus was their Author Connect program. This is where they introduce us to like-minded indies with compatible mailing lists; the idea being we can cross promote, send email campaigns to our respective lists. This has two benefits, the first is obvious: we grow our lists at no cost and gain new readers for our books. The second is less obvious, but just as important, to me at least: I have something new and valuable to offer to members of my email list, in this particular case, the 1st book free in a new series by a new author – and they love it. My first experience with this feature is still running and to date, after just three days, I have already added 602 new subscribers to my own list… and I'm already receiving emails thanking me for the introduction. How cool is that?

So, who/what is this amazing new provider? Author Reach is designed just for authors, so you get unique and focused service, and you save money. 

Check them out here or Request a Demo here

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