THIS IS A REAL MUST READ. Ladies, you will love it. Connie Anderson

The Harry Starke Series: Books 4 -6 (The Harry Starke Series Boxed Set Book 2)

The Harry Starke Series: Books 4 -6 (The Harry Starke Series Boxed Set Book 2)

Three complete novels. Books 4, 5 and 6. 

Tens of thousands of copies have been downloaded. More than 350 five and four-star reviews. Now you can continue the ride: almost 900 pages of murder, mystery, sex, corruption and revenge, all the ingredients for three mind blowing whodunits. From murder and corruption in CHECKMATE, to murder, sex, and alternative lifestyles in GONE, to the 100-year-old cold case in FAMILY MATTERS, they will keep you turning the pages late into the night - you won't be able to put them down! Anyone who is a fan of Harlan Coben, Lee Child, or Tami Hoag will love Harry Starke.

Book 4 


They found Angela Hartwell lying in the shallow waters beside the golf course. There was not a mark on her, yet she was dead, strangled. How could that be? Once again, it’s up to Harry Starke to find out. The investigation takes him into a world he’s very familiar with, a world of affluence, privilege and… corruption.

Book 5 


Emily Johnston is GONE. She’s been GONE for more than a week. She's also the daughter of Harry Starke’s one-time boss and nemesis, Chattanooga Police Chief Wesley Johnston. Harry and Chief Johnston haven't seen eye-to-eye in a long time, but when Johnston needs help, he knows there's only one man he can turn to... Harry Starke.

Book 6 

Family Matters 

Harry Starke loves a cold case, but this one is really cold, more than a hundred years cold.
Family Matters is a whimsical tale, a flight of fancy. It takes place on the lonely coast of Maine, where Amanda, a true believer in the paranormal, has inherited, you guessed it, a haunted house. Or at least that’s what the rumors say. Harry, a skeptic, a down-to-earth investigator who believes only in the facts, has a tough time dealing with Amanda’s fantasies? We all know that the imagination can play tricks on a susceptible mind, especially when that mind is under stress. But is it just their imaginations? Could it be something more? You’ll have to be the judge.

Who is Harry Starke? Dark, Dangerous, Driven. Grab a Copy, and Find Out.

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