Get Your Free Copy Of Harry Starke

Get Your Free Copy Of Harry Starke

To date, more than 175,000 Harry Starke books have been purchased or downloaded. If you like Myron Bolitar, Alex Cross and Harry Bosch, you'll love this gripping tale.

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It was bitterly cold, almost midnight night in midwinter, when a beautiful young woman threw herself off the Walnut Street Bridge.

Harry Starke was there, and he tried to stop her. Why did Tabitha Willard kill herself? Was it Harry’s fault?.

“….she saw me, stopped running, put her hands to her mouth, looked desperately around, then turned, ran to the rail, and started to climb….”

Tormented by guilt and the thought that he might have caused the girl’s death, Harry vows to find out why Tabitha killed herself and plunges headlong into an investigation that pits him against a corrupt congressman, a beautiful United States senator, a local crime boss, and a sadistic killer. It's a case that will push Harry to the extremes of the law as he works to untangle a web of deceit, extortion, high finance, corruption, sex, and three murders. In the end… well, as always, there’s a twist in the tale, several, in fact. This is the novel that introduced Harry Starke to the world. Use the links below to download your free copy, or go to Book Funnel and download it there